Frequently Asked Questions

Does you system work with Quickbooks?

Yes. Our system as the ability to export invoice and payment information to allow you to import into any Quickbooks version that accepts the IIF format files.

Does your price change with number of students?

No. Our price is set for you organization.

Does your price change for number of employees?

No. We support an unlimited number of employees for your site.

Does your system have a recital planner?

Yes. We have a recitail planner that allows you to add your classes and competition routines to it and check for conflicts.

Can I use the system from my tablet?

Yes. Our product is entirely web based and will work with most every device sold, including but not limited to Ipad, IPod, Droid, and Windows devices.

Does your system work with Paypal?

Yes. Our system is integrated with Paypal to allow your customers to be able to pay on the portal.

Does your system have online enrollment?

Yes. Our system has a portal which allows your customers to login and enroll, update information and pay their bill.

Do I have to give you a credit card number to do the trial?

No. Our trial is setup to allow you to experience our system. We do not collect any type of billing information until you decide to sign up.